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Welcome to Friendly Pest Control!¬†We service Murrieta residents and property owners to keep them safe from annoying and harmful pests. We are thankful that you rely on us with your pest extermination needs. We’re also confident that we can give you the most effective Murrieta pest control services.

Call Friendly Pest Control today at (951) 374-1584 to have your pest dilemma solved! Find out for yourself how honest, simple to do business with, and skilled our Murrieta pest control specialists really are. We also have won several awards over the past few years to indicate that we are among the top Murrieta pest control providers in the area.

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Protect your property from harmful pests by calling our experts.

Household Murrieta Pest Control

Some of our Murrieta pest control experts concentrate particularly on residential pest control. Each day we’re assisting people to eliminate the roaches, bed bugs, spiders, and termites. If you don’t see your pest on this list, it does not imply that we cannot help. Our pest control specialists are trained to eradicate any pest problem you’re going through. Friendly Pest Control offers top-notch, affordable services. Our licensed pest control experts are authorities of their industry and based on our customer satisfaction, you won’t find a better qualified group of experts anywhere else.

Business Murrieta Pest Control

Our Murrieta commercial pest control techs can handle any pest problem your organization or business might be experiencing in the Murrieta, California area. Our company offers many different treatment programs for businesses that are in need of exterminating and pest control services for commercial treatments.

Our commercial customers in Murrieta include dining places, educational facilities, apartments, retail businesses and even places of worship. Our commercial pest control specialists can get rid of the harmful termites in your walls and keep the rodents out of your kitchen. Most companies and organizations know how necessary it is to preserve a pest- free facility. All it requires is one rat uncovered during a health inspection to have negative effects for a business.

If you are operating a business or successful organization then you definitely really can’t afford to wait for a pest problem to happen prior to taking control of any existing pests. It’s critical that you take the appropriate measures to make sure you don’t have any pest problems by using a preventative strategy. We offer¬†numerous efficient commercial pest solutions which are tailored to the needs of your organization.

Call our Murrieta Exterminators

We’d be more than pleased to answer any queries you have about any of our quality pest services. We feel that it’s important, whether you choose our techs or another provider, to make sure that the Murrieta pest control company has professionally-trained professionals and is also willing to address all, if any, of your concerns. Call Friendly Pest Control at (951) 374-1584 to learn just how we can resolve your existing problem or assist you to prevent future problems.